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March 13, 2014

Time to update my course policy statement?

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Today, I got an e-mail from a panicked student (9:12 am): “I really need to see you.”
Then another e-mail 30 minutes later: “I am sitting in the math department; I can come back at 1:30 (a time when I am teaching another class; yes, I post my office hours and class schedule on my door).

This is new: some students think that we see our e-mail instantly (I don’t) and that we are always willing (and able!) to drop everything on a moment’s notice because they are distressed.

If this starts to happen frequently, it will be time to inform students at the start of the semester that I need advance notice to meet with them during non-scheduled office hours.

Update: the student looked at my door: I had posted office hours under my name (afternoon).

Then I had posted: Schedule: M, W, F 9-10 (mth 510), M, W, Th, F (1-3) Mth 115

The student thought that these were office hours instead of “when I taught class”. Oh well. I’ll have to write a new, crystal clear note on my door.


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