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April 1, 2015

My topology class April Fools me…

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My topology class has 6 students and all usually sit in the first or second row of the class room. They are NEVER late.

As I walked to the classroom about 1-2 minutes before the start, the lights were out..and of the desks I could see…empty.

I walked in, looked at the back and said “Happy April 1”.


I joked that today, we were having the final exam and they had to prove the Tychonoff Theorem from scratch…full version (infinite product of compact spaces is compact in the product topology).

I gave them all 1 extra point on their homework assignments.


July 12, 2013

Just for fun: NO PROFESSORS!

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This photo appeared in this College Misery post.
So, I ask you the following questions (professors are disqualified from answering):

1. What is the math on the top line “supposed” to be about?
2. What transcription error is there on the board?
3. Why are the “equals signs”, as they appear, nonsense?

Bonus question (more subtle):
if one erases the first equals sign, and move the “work” in the “vector like” object off to the side where it belongs, why is the resulting equality still (technically) incorrect?

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