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January 6, 2015

Quick Diversion: a rotating circle of dots within a circle..

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Since grading final exams, I’ve been travelling a bit. I am doing some admin duties but should have some time to do some research prior to….SEARCH COMMITTEE. That is such a time suck.

But here is a bit of fun:

Check out this video

Now here is a challenge (that I will take; feel free to beat me to it): find a set of equations that describes the motion of the centers of these disks.

My idea: I might start with a helix (of the type x = cos(t), y = sin(t), z = t and then have this helix change its center as it “moves up”; perhaps something like x = 4sos(t) - cos(t), y =4sin(t) - sin(t), z = t . Then intersect this with planes of the following type: (cylindrical coordinates: r = \theta and then, perhaps the points might described by the intersection of the helix with these planes? I’ll have to check it out.

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