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January 21, 2013

Research Paper Writing: into the cursing stage….

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I am attempting to end a publication drought; I still have one paper at a referee and I am currently writing a more research level paper (it deals with the subject of “wild knots” in 3-space: these are topological homeomorphic images of the circle, but these embeddings are NOT “equivalent” to any differential embedding of the circle in 3-space; it is “no fair” doing calculus in this setting! 🙂 )

I *think* that I have a good idea on how to procede and the first bits have been typeset with no difficulties. But now comes the “cursing” part: I am trying to organize an infinite number of “maps” in a way that allows one to compose these maps in a well defined way.

The frustrating part is that I have to be precise in my language, and at times, precision tends to bury and obscure the idea. People who teach undergraduate mathematics for a living sure understand that! 😉

But the precision is necessary; I remember spending 2 years trying to prove something that was “obviously true”; it turns out that it was false. But I was able to publish the counter-example, and even the reviewer thought that this example was counter-intuitive.

But that was many years ago….so……bring on the cursing!!!!!!


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